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Here are some testimonials about our exam prep materials...

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my both exams using your materials. I am very grateful. I felt very well-prepared and there where no surprises for me when I took that test. The best part was that I only took it once! You have produced fantastic materials. I have compared PASS to other programs on the market and yours is by far superior. -Josie Bohling, Licensed MFT
  • The PASS study materials are excellent. They kept me focused and on track in responding to the vignettes and questions, not only in practice sessions but also on the actual exams. -Elaine Lutkitz, Licensed MFT
  • PASS was clear, concise and easy to work with. I passed! -Linda Calvin, Licensed MFT
  • Because I teach at St. Mary’s College I chose to take several of the MFT pre-exam courses so that I would know which one to recommend to students. PASS is the best. I passed the Standard Written Exam on my first try and passed the Clinical Vignette on my first attempt. PASS does an excellent job of preparing one for the exams. I purchased the full set with written and CD materials, and I would very much recommend this package. I was well-prepared for the Clinical Vignette test, and actually enjoyed taking it. PASS teaches you to think in a manner that has you ready for the test situation. I found your materials superior to that which was offered by the other two companies. -Laurel Edgewcomb, Licensed MFT
  • I recently received an updated set of study materials and I love them. The test I am taking is the National MFT exam. I passed the BBS exam in 2006 and am relicensing for Hawaii. Thank you. -Gina Hungerford, Licensed MFT
  • A friend shared the cumbersome materials from another system and there is no comparison. Yours are much better! -Evelynn Smith-Herman, Licensed MFT

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